Software Defined Radio on Ubuntu USB HDD

I’d like to use Linux with my cheap USB RTL2832U DVB receiver and my Noelec Ham It Up upconverter to browse HF bands. The de facto SDR application that’s easy to use is SDR# (SDR Sharp). It’s a Microsoft Windows app. We don’t do Microsoft Windows here, so we need the nearest thing which is gqrx made by OZ9AEC. gqrx needs GNURadio (or, at least, very large parts of it). Continue reading “Software Defined Radio on Ubuntu USB HDD”

Baofeng / Pofung UV-5R Programming With Ubuntu 12.04

My Baofeng (a.k.a. Pofung) UV-5R handheld tranceiver turned up today. I fired up my Windows 7 machine to use the ‘recommended’ VIP programming software and it didn’t recognise the USB programming cable. I even tried installing a recommended, older, driver for the PL2303 USB cable chipset. No dice. So, then I plugged the cable into my everyday workhorse, an Ubuntu 12.04 laptop. Bingo, USB cable recognised straight away (from dmesg). Anyway, here’s the detail of how to program the radio with Ubuntu 12.04: Continue reading “Baofeng / Pofung UV-5R Programming With Ubuntu 12.04”

Notes on Publishing Android Apps on Amazon App Store

Like it or not, Amazon is going to be selling a lot more Kindle Fire Android tablets. From a developer’s point of view this is a pain – we simply don’t need more stuff to manage, be that platforms (i.e. new OS like Windows Phone) or app stores (like non-Google-Play Android stores). Amazon’s motivation and business plan is as clear as day and they will have some degree of success. Here’s some of the things I’ve noted Continue reading “Notes on Publishing Android Apps on Amazon App Store”

Kindle Fire HD, Ubuntu and Google Apps

I just got a Kindle Fire HD for testing apps and content that we’re creating for the Kindle platform. I also have access to a Nexus 7 which is, as we should all know by now, totally awesome. With the Kindle I feel rather disconnected from the comfort of my ‘Google experience’, GMail, Play, YouTube, etc. Here’s some notes on getting started: Continue reading “Kindle Fire HD, Ubuntu and Google Apps”

Shrinking PDF to Send to Kindle

I needed to send PDF to my Kindle today but it was too large to send via Gmail (around 30MB, 5MB over the Gmail sending limit). I had a few choices. Split the file up somehow, boot Windows and use my hugely expensive copy of Adobe Acrobat, put the file on my Kindle manually via USB or try the free way. Continue reading “Shrinking PDF to Send to Kindle”

Fixing Video from ‘Old’ Panasonic Camcorder for YouTube

About 3 years ago we got a ‘value’ SD card Panasonic camcorder through Amazon for doing some YouTube videos for marketing. At the time, it was just the ticket since YouTube wasn’t HD and not even widescreen. Now YouTube is all widescreen HD, we need to either buy a new camcorder or make do with what we’ve got. Continue reading “Fixing Video from ‘Old’ Panasonic Camcorder for YouTube”