Clearing A favicon.ico From FireFox’s Cache

You know the problem – you’re a web developer and you’ve changed the favicon but can’t see the darned change, whatever you do. At the time of writing (spring 2015), version 36 of Firefox still needs to you to jump through a whole bunch of hoops to make this happen. I’ve seen a few recipes for this on the interweb, but I’ve needed to tweak them to make it work for me.

This recipe clears all favicons from your browser cache, but I guess you could delete a single item with a bit of SQL rather than the Empty Table step below.

  1. Close any windows or tabs with pages showing the favicon that you want to refresh.
  2. Clear the Firefox cache.
  3. Install the Firefox SQLite Manager Add-On. (This will restart Firefox.)
  4. With SQLite Manager (from the Tools menu in Firefox), open places.sqlite from your Firefox profile directory.
  5. Look for the moz_favicons table and right-click/Empty Table (don’t drop it).
  6. Close SQLite Manager
  7. Close Firefox
  8. Re-open Firefox and go to a page with your new favicon.

Easy, huh? Boy, I really wish Ctrl-Shift-R did this. Perhaps there’s some subtle reason why it doesn’t, but I’d say this is a bug, guys.