Xiaomi XiaoYi “Ants” WiFi IP Camera – HowTo

If you frequent Banggood, AliExpress, etc. you have probably come across the very reasonably-priced Xiaomi  XiaoYi “Ants” IP cameras that come in at around €25-30 delivered depending on the model. However, they’re not without their snags. I’ve compiled some notes on making best of these cheap Nest clones.

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GPS Vehicle Tracker With A Real GPS Receiver

This may sound strange to say that a GPS Vehicle Tracker would have a GPS receiver, but you’ll see from an earlier post that that’s a big assumption. After my disaster with the €13 ‘GPS’ Tracker, I thought I’d step up to the next offer from banggood, the €18 TK110 GPS Tracker. Really €5 makes all the difference here. Continue reading “GPS Vehicle Tracker With A Real GPS Receiver”

Windows NT/XP/Vista/7 Password Recovery

A friend forgot their admin password to their Windows machine (as it happens it was Vista). A great, free open source Linux-based utility made it frighteningly easy to clear / reset the password. Job done in 5 minutes. So, thanks Petter, your ntpasswd utility rocks. And free, open source software based on Linux saves a Windows user’s bacon – oh, how sweet that sounds. While I was at it I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on an old laptop of theirs. Needless to say, they were wowed that it boots and shuts down like greased lightning, has lots of (legally) free apps to download / manage from a single control and ‘does all the same things as Windows’ (but better, as they will come to believe, bwahahahaha).