Downloading QST Magazine In PDF Format

I don’t do Microsoft Windows. Android and Linux are My Things. I subscribe to ARRL to get the digital version of their excellent QST magazine. Unfortunately, their support for offline reading in Linux is zero and their Android app is so poor as to be unusable. So I want to download QST in PDF so as I can read it easily offline on my desktop and mobile devices (Ubuntu Linux and Android respectively). ARRL doesn’t make that easy for you, but I have the solution. Continue reading “Downloading QST Magazine In PDF Format”

Django On Ubuntu 14.04 With Python 3

Django is fast becoming one of the top choices for web application frameworks. It’s based on a much better language than PHP, a much less-weird language than Ruby and a lighter-weight environment than Java. Unfortunately Python suffers from a horrendous 2.x to 3.x incompatibility in the language and environment. I took the philosophical decision to not bother learning Python 2.x and do everything in Python 3.x. In theory Django has been Python 3 compatible since Django 1.5. This dogma isn’t without its problems when developing using the Django framework. Continue reading “Django On Ubuntu 14.04 With Python 3”