Internet of House

I’ve been putting off home automation for a long time, but recently the planets aligned and I’ve built something. The main ingredients are Raspberry Pi 3B, Arduino Mega, MQTT and OpenHAB. RPi because WiFi, huge software support, Linux, file system, etc. Arduino Mega because low power, many, many libraries, huge I/O and cheap. Continue reading “Internet of House”

Xiaomi XiaoYi “Ants” WiFi IP Camera – HowTo

If you frequent Banggood, AliExpress, etc. you have probably come across the very reasonably-priced Xiaomi  XiaoYi “Ants” IP cameras that come in at around €25-30 delivered depending on the model. However, they’re not without their snags. I’ve compiled some notes on making best of these cheap Nest clones.

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