Internet of House

I’ve been putting off home automation for a long time, but recently the planets aligned and I’ve built something. The main ingredients are Raspberry Pi 3B, Arduino Mega, MQTT and OpenHAB. RPi because WiFi, huge software support, Linux, file system, etc. Arduino Mega because low power, many, many libraries, huge I/O and cheap. Continue reading “Internet of House”

Arduino Pinout Diagrams

Last year I found some awesome Arduino pinout diagrams with full colour on the Arduino forums. They are all titled something like The Unofficial Arduino Pinout Diagram / The Definitive Arduino Pinout Diagram, etc. They disappeared from the Internet ( in December 2013.  With the help of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine I retrieved them.  Fortunately they were distributed under a CC-BY-ND license, so here they are again in PDF’s for your download delectation. Continue reading “Arduino Pinout Diagrams”