Django On Ubuntu 14.04 With Python 3

Django is fast becoming one of the top choices for web application frameworks. It’s based on a much better language than PHP, a much less-weird language than Ruby and a lighter-weight environment than Java. Unfortunately Python suffers from a horrendous 2.x to 3.x incompatibility in the language and environment. I took the philosophical decision to not bother learning Python 2.x and do everything in Python 3.x. In theory Django has been Python 3 compatible since Django 1.5. This dogma isn’t without its problems when developing using the Django framework. Continue reading “Django On Ubuntu 14.04 With Python 3”

GPS Vehicle Tracker With A Real GPS Receiver

This may sound strange to say that a GPS Vehicle Tracker would have a GPS receiver, but you’ll see from an earlier post that that’s a big assumption. After my disaster with the €13 ‘GPS’ Tracker, I thought I’d step up to the next offer from banggood, the €18 TK110 GPS Tracker. Really €5 makes all the difference here. Continue reading “GPS Vehicle Tracker With A Real GPS Receiver”