DigiSpark With 64-bit Ubuntu

DigiSpark is one of the cutest Arduino-related widgets around. It’s about the size of a postage stamp, plugs straight into your USB port and will probably cover most of your microcontroller project needs. The problem is that it doesn’t seem to play nice, out-of-the-box with 64-bit Ubuntu Linux.

Programming Ramp Output on Rigol DP832

This is just a quick note to help those who might have trouble interpreting the instructions from Rigol for their awesome DP832 Programmable Power Supply Unit in order to get a ramp voltage.

Hacking Cheap eBay IP Camera

I bought a €40 “Anbere” brand IP camera from eBay to find that it can only be used to feed the supplied Microsoft Windows application. I need it to perform the simple task of serving a JPG through its web interface. This left me with two options: bin it or reverse engineer this shonky POS.… Read More »

Arduino FM Radio

10 years ago I bought a radio for my workshop. The criteria were: FM, cheap and mains-powered. I forgot to add the criterion: works. The radio was really bad at tuning – be that finding a station or keeping tuned to it. So I decided to gut it and put my own circuit inside.

A Signal Amplifier Module For HF

In building QRP HF radios, having an RF signal level amplifier building block is handy. You want 50 Ohm output impedance, some reasonable gain, supply voltage of the usual 10-14V and ease of building using standard parts from your parts bin. Some searching around the interwebs came up with a good idea for circuit from… Read More »