Django On Ubuntu 14.04 With Python 3

Django is fast becoming one of the top choices for web application frameworks. It’s based on a much better language than PHP, a much less-weird language than Ruby and a lighter-weight environment than Java. Unfortunately Python suffers from a horrendous 2.x to 3.x incompatibility in the language and environment. I took the philosophical decision to… Read More »

TDR Pulse Generator For Testing Coax

I saw an excellent YouTube video from Alan W2AEW and thought I’d have a go at making a prettier version of the tool myself. After all, checking 50 Ohm coax cables is a pretty common need for an amateur radio enthusiast.

GPS Vehicle Tracker With A Real GPS Receiver

This may sound strange to say that a GPS Vehicle Tracker would have a GPS receiver, but you’ll see from an earlier post that that’s a big assumption. After my disaster with the €13 ‘GPS’ Tracker, I thought I’d step up to the next offer from banggood, the €18 TK110 GPS Tracker. Really €5 makes… Read More »

De-Minify JavaScript On the Command Line

The most authoritative definition of how some software works is to examine the source. Minifying JavaScript makes for faster downloads and has an extra added benefit of obfuscating your source code. Fear not, you can un-minify.