De-Minify JavaScript On the Command Line

The most authoritative definition of how some software works is to examine the source. Minifying JavaScript makes for faster downloads and has an extra added benefit of obfuscating your source code. Fear not, you can un-minify.

Using RM Italy KL-Series Linears On HF

I’ve been using an RM Italy KL-400 linear amplifier on HF for a couple of years to boost the reach of my Yaesu FT-917ND. There are quite a few modifications and considerations that are needed to use these linears on HF.

Make Test GPS Tracks

Your project might need some random GPS tracks. You could get some GPS traces from OSM, but they might have a lot of off-road content, or not have the coverage in your area of interest. Here’s a very high-level recipe for making a whole load of GPS traces for pretty much anywhere in the world.

Filtering Entity Reference Values in Autocomplete Field in Drupal 7

Drupal is great. You can create just about any functionality without writing any code. You just download a module, right? “There’s a module for that” is the standard response to most Drupal questions. OK, which module? There are 6,877 actively maintained Drupal 7 modules at the time of writing. It can take a full day… Read More »

Absurd Customer Service from Google Play

About six weeks ago I ordered a Chromecast from Google Play. There were two shipping options €3 or €5.99 – the €3 option claimed a worst-case 10 days delivery time. So €3 it was and what followed was a customer service experience that only Basil Fawlty could match.