Absurd Customer Service from Google Play

About six weeks ago I ordered a Chromecast from Google Play. There were two shipping options €3 or €5.99 – the €3 option claimed a worst-case 10 days delivery time. So €3 it was and what followed was a customer service experience that only Basil Fawlty could match.

Arduino Pinout Diagrams

Last year I found some awesome Arduino pinout diagrams with full colour on the Arduino forums. They are all titled something like The Unofficial Arduino Pinout Diagram / The Definitive Arduino Pinout Diagram, etc. They disappeared from the Internet (pighixxx.com) in December 2013.  With the help of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine I retrieved them. … Read More »

Saleae Logic Analyser Clone with Ubuntu Linux

The Saleae Logic is an 8 channel 24MHz logic analyser.  Soon after its launch people in China opened them up to find that they are pretty simple inside and, as sure as night follows day, little workshops in Shenzen started producing clones impossibly cheaply and to be sold through eBay, AliExpress, etc. 

Serial Protocol Debugging With Ubuntu & Bus Pirate v4

Back in the day, developing serial protocols was a cat-and-mouse game of write some code for host processor, tweak your serial peripheral and repeat, adding some logic analyser sauce as necessary.  These days logic analysers and even DSOs will decode a wide variety of serial protocols for one- or more-wire hardware architectures.  Still, fast logic… Read More »